Catholic Identity

The strong Catholic Identity of our schools is evident in everything we do, from the beginning of the day with morning prayer until the end of the school day. Our connections to the universal Church are intentional in nature, but part of the very fabric that is our Catholic school community.


Recently, parents and guardians shared these comments about the Catholicity of our Diocesan Schools:

  • "We feel that the school does an excellent job of introducing all student to the celebrations of the Church and making everyone feel a sense of community."
  • "The staff is remarkable. They are helping raise Godly, Catholic children." 
  • "Even as an adult, I have learned so much from my children about holy days and the liturgical calendar."
  • "School Masses are beautiful, prayerful experiences. So special."
  • "It brings my family great joy to attend first Friday mass with school & we are welcomed with open arms."
  • "Students seems very happy and know they are part of a wonderful caring community of people that are helping to make a difference in their communities and beyond." 
  • "My children look forward to going to school and feel genuinely cared for by the faculty. It's a special place and truly 
    a blessing for them to have such a positive experience academically, spiritually, and socially at such a young age.