St. Agnes, Avon

Education with Heart and Soul

In 1999, the U.S. News & World Report wrote a cover story on Aquinas High School, a Catholic school in the Bronx, New York, stating, "At Aquinas, the sense of community and the connectedness that it creates start with the school’s Catholicism. Prayer and religious services suffuse the daily life of the school and that sends students a clear signal about what the school stands for."

The magazine also reported that the school has a crucial ingredient of educational excellence: a strong sense of shared purpose and community. Whether it is a high school or an elementary school, you can find values such as these in any Catholic school. It is certainly true at St. Agnes.

The St. Agnes curriculum is built on a foundation of research based and developmentally sequenced programs that address grade-level learning objectives and achievement standards. Core components include math, reading/language arts, science, and social studies programs created by respected educational publishers. Students in Grades K–6 also enjoy Spanish lessons, providing a head start for foreign language studies in higher grades.

St. Agnes offers a complete range of resources, services, and activities to help maximize children’s learning:

  • Developmentally appropriate pre-k program
  • Sequenced math, reading and science
  • K-6 Spanish lessons
  • Computers in every classroom
  • Media center/technology program
  • Updated reference library
  • Vocal and instrumental music
  • Community service projects
  • Physical Education and interscholastic athletics
  • After school and summer programs


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Grades Offered: Pre-K - 6

Principal: Ms. Elizabeth Jensen

60 Park Place

Avon, NY 14414

Phone: 585-226-8500

Fax: 585-226-8500 (Call First)