Learning through movement is fun and dynamic.

Diocese of Rochester Catholic Schools have partnered with Math & Movement to provide an interactive means of teaching critical STEAM skills. Math & Movement is a multi-sensory approach to learning that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, and cross-body movements. The program harnesses a child's natural inclination to move and directs it into an enjoyable method of learning and retaining information.

This movement-based STEAM approach is integrated into each school, boosting student achievement and physical fitness. The bright colors and large numbers on the floor mats make learning fun for children. Students are able to hop, walk, crawl, dance on the mats as they learn, thus using more visual, auditory, motor, and kinesthetic learning modalities when practicing.

The series of math and literacy movements are uniquely designed to build number sense by including movement and counting with varied voice levels. The movements offer intense exercise for students and they improve students’ basic math and reading skills, creative thinking, and their ability to focus and learn.